About Us

Our Mission - Is to increase the public's enjoyment of visual aesthetics by the influence our designs, as well as, cultural, and sustainable wares have on daily lives.

Distinct Designz was founded in 2020 to establish a design brand of product lines that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, eco-friendly, and promotes ethnic awareness and Fair Trade. A vibrant collection of artisan-made sustainable jewelry, in addition, a stunning line of cultural adornments is now available.

My love affair with color and design started at around age ten. As a child, I was inspired by unexpected pops of colors, shapes, patterns, and visual balance in everyday life occurrences. My passion for coloration and visual motif continues today.

Our company reflects many of those inspirational moments from the past, as well as impressive encounters we have today by reigniting positive life experiences. We achieved this by creating the latest trends and traditional favorites in Retro, Mid Century Modern, Floral, Boho, Minimalist, Abstract, Modern, and African-Inspired styles in an array of product offerings for you and your home. Additionally, we offer a portfolio of products sourced from select independent jewelry, handbag, and accessory manufacturers. 

Our Goal - Is to provide quality products, value, the highest level of customer service, and modest pricing. 

Our vision - To be a company that positively impacts people's lives through visual imagery, cultural awareness, and the sourcing of sustainable and Fair Trade goods.

We strive to assist you in creating a harmonious balance in your life both inside and outside your home. Our hope is that you found one or more of our products that evoked a pleasant emotion that is personal! Stop by often for new product releases, sales promotions, and giveaways.

 --- Carlas with Distinct Designz